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About us

My little man Milo came into my life in late summer 2015. As it goes with puppies, he was cute, sweet, mischievous and full of energy! Basically, he stole my heart.   And I knew I would do anything for him.

As summer turned to fall and then to winter, Milo grew… into a tall, long and skinny boy. Having to survive winter in Toronto, my boy needed clothes! Sweaters, coats and even long johns! But given his size, I couldn’t find anything to fit. Smaller sizes would fit his girth but were way too short. Larger sizes were long enough but would just hang off his chest and belly. So, to my sewing machine I turned and started designing clothes to fit. And I realized how much I loved it! From coats I turned to accessories and Milo became a fashionable little stud. People would stop me on the street to ask me “Where did you get it?” Friends would ask me to make clothes for them. And so a business was born!  Welcome to LuckyDog!

Here at LuckyDog, I strive to provide quality handmade products that you will love and your best friend will be proud to walk around the neighbourhood in.  

So from Milo and me to you, I hope you enjoy LuckyDog as much as I enjoy bringing it to you.

The real LuckyDog,