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Combo Leash Pouch

A stylish 2-in-1 pouch used for holding those all-too-necessary poop bag rolls.  We need them, but why not look good while carrying them?

An extra little inner pouch also lets you take with you anything else you may need on your walk:  dog treats, house keys, credit cards, or an extra poop bag roll for emergencies!

Attaches to your leash (or anything else) with a heavy-duty 3" carabiner clasp.  Exterior and interior pouches made with 100% high-quality cotton reinforced with interfacing for extra durability.  Exterior pouch closes with two KAM snaps for ease of use while inner pouch has a velcro closure where you can re-load your poop bag rolls.  Machine washable in cold water, just remove the carabiner clasp from pouch before washing. 

Exterior Pouch Size:  5" x 5"

Interior Pouch Size:  5" x 3"